Tantric Massage, by its nature is a very personal and can be very intimate, both physically and emotionally. Before the session starts we will talk through any

  • boundaries
  • the level of intimacy
  • any expectations (on either side)

and throughout the session there will be clear communication. Mediation will be used at the start to open the Chakras.

If you change your mind about the techniques that were discussed at the beginning of the session, or you feel uncomfortable at any point, please let me know. There are many different techniques and variations that can be explored to achieve a blissful experience.

The session should be seen as a space for you to just be and to express whatever feelings come up for you, knowing you are in a safe, non judgemental environment.

  • Tantric Massage for people who identify as Masculine

    Give yourself permission to receive and to be worshipped using the art of Tantric touch.

    Remove the expectations and pressure of having to give and satisfy

    Indulge yourself in pure bliss….

    Open yourself to the liberation of sensual surrender to your senses that you never even though were possible…..

    Experience a complete new way of feeling while being sexually awoken and stimulated…..

    Promote deep relaxation and connection with loving conscious touch

    Ride the orgasmic wave of bliss as I massage the lingam building the orgasm then sublimating before building it up again to give enhanced sexual bliss.

  • Tantric Massage for people who identify as Feminine

    Feel worshipped as the Goddess you are through the divine Tantric Touch

    Explore yourself as you go on a journey within, the loving conscious touch will connect parts and aspects of you that are usually overlooked.

    Help get in touch with your full feminine potential, your feminine nature, pleasure and ability to be ecstatic.

    Awaken the erotic energy within and sublimate it throughout your whole body to help you awaken your entire sensuality

    Remove emotional blockages from your body making way for ecstatic bliss.

    Discover yourself as you realise your true sexual potential through internal yoni massage, given with a loving, healing and respectful touch without any expectation to give something back or react in a certain manner. A deep meaningful and conscious touch that will leave you feeling whole, respected and feminine.

  • Tantric Massage for people who identify as Non Gendered

    Explore your sexuality in a safe environment

    Unlearn everything about genital behaviour and traditional gender based sexuality.

    Honour and welcome your body as it is - with no pre-conceived expectations or judgements.

    Explore your body in its present form

    Explore your genitals simply in terms of tissue structure rather than using the traditional masculine or feminie names for the genitals

    Focus on breath work to support the Tantric Massage practice

    Enjoy a space of deep connection, compassion and sexual healing to allow celebration of your authentic self.

  • Tantric Massage for Couples of any Gender

    Reconnect with your loved one in a new and meaningful way

    Give the gift of love to your loved one in a supported environment

    Learn the basics of Tantra massage and how it can enhance your relationship

    Rediscover each others sexuality and ecstatic potential

    Carry out a simple tantric rituals of respect and devotion to each other.

    Experience 4 hands tantric massage as we first massage Shakti together then we massage Shiva together.

    We begin the couples massage with an in depth discussion about boundaries, apprehensions and expectancy. Removing any expectations it is a great way to relax and connect with one another in a way that will exceed your expectations, opening your heart to each other and bringing you closer together while I hold to the space for you both to be yourselves.

    I will support the whole session and would recommend at least 3 hours to fully benefit from the experience.