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Please see below for my availability and please keep an eye for new dates coming soon.

I am available 10am - 10pm weekdays and I tend not to work weekends with my weekend availability listed below:

When I am in Huddersfield I work from my own private house and when I am on tour in Bristol it is a very discreet hotel and elsewhere it is private apartments.

I very much look forward to seeing you soon…..


I generally work 10am - 10pm weekdays but I am working the following weekends:

Saturday 7th September - 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Sunday 8th September - 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Saturday 5th October - 10am - 5pm Huddersfield

Sunday 6th October 10am - 10pm Bristol

Saturday 26th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Sunday 27th October 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Saturday 28th December 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Sunday 29th December 10am - 10pm Huddersfield

Kristina J


From: 22nd July - To: 29th August

Off Sorry

From: 28th August - To: 5th September


From: 6th September - To: 13th September

Newcastle Tour

From: 16th September - To: 20th September


From: 23rd September - To: 4th October

Bristol Tour

From: 7th October - To: 11th October


From: 14th October - To: 29th October

Off Sorry

From: 30th October - To: 2nd December


From: 3rd December - To: 24th December

Off Sorry

From: 25th December - To: 26th December


From: 27th December - To: 30th December

Off Sorry

From: 31st December - To: 1st January


From: 2nd January - To:

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