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Domination Blog posts written in 08-2017

Domination Blog Archives for 08-2017

Erotic Piercing

Erotic piercing can enhance pleasure and but can cause potentially serious problems. Surgical decoration of the body, especially the ears, nostrils, eyebrows and navel sometimes the tongue, nipples or genitalia. Considered attractive by some, disgusting…

Electric Stimulation Pulses (not as bad as you think)

The idea of using electricity on your body for pleasure isn’t as unusual as we think. Our body constantly uses electrical impulses to exchange information between nerve endings in the brain. Without these electrical impulses, we wouldn't be able to…

Necrophilia a short Story

Paul works as an orderly at a hospital, a job that gives him the opportunity to watch the bodies of young women that are brought to the hospital's morgue. One day he's stunned when the body of Anna Fritz, a beautiful and desirable actress, arrives. Paul…