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Domination Blog posts written in 10-2017

Domination Blog Archives for 10-2017

WICCAPHILIA for Halloween A witch Fetish

Having a real fetish for witches I believe its called wiccaphillia or something like that! It's Halloween time for the Role Play I love dressing in my sexy witch costume and beating you on your bottom with my very rough old broom stick come along if you…

Hair Fetish Pubephilia

A patch of hair that causes nothing but trouble. Men expect women to shave it, but goddamn it, it itches! Pubic hair is natural, just trim it a little so it doesn't stick out of your bathing suit. The hair in the groin area, obtained during puberty which…

Sounding Rods I have my reasons

Sex was once, to me, a superstition. It was something I heard about from schoolyard friends who’d never done it or from parents who claimed to be explaining it in a responsibly sober way. It was something I caught in stolen glimpses of nakedness in…