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Domination Blog posts written in 11-2022

Domination Blog Archives for 11-2022

No age limit

HI Slaves I cannot be bothered with you today I am moody and need to belt some one really hard you know who you are!! Catherine Robbe-Grillet doesn’t look like a dominatrix, let alone the most notorious one in all of France. She’s 85 years old. She…

Hose Pipes

Hi slaves NO I am not going soft on you, I just reminisced a time when a client came to me dressed as a firefighter I was to excited my bodily juices were racing around my body especially in the lower regions (need I say more) so if you need whipping…

Holy Moly

Hi Slaves what can I do for you or should I say what can you do for me. This picture reminds of a slave who wanted me to always wear a full body stocking so he could rip holes in it then I was to punish him (and I did) he loved it and cost him a fortune…