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Domination Blog posts written in 01-2020

Domination Blog Archives for 01-2020

Yoga, yes you will

Hi Slaves I have a new hobby YOGA lots of nasty moves I will try out on you so come along and get twisted in to shape. A Humorous take on Yoga. I actually love Yoga not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely mine It makes me feel sexually alive…

Miss Magnificent

Hi to all my slaves and others Now Xmas and New Year is over we can get on with some new punishments etc. I love being tall it makes me feel powerful and I suppose in some ways I am. Allegedly height helps you with net ball but I was never very good at…

Ice Cream or BDSM

Let me start by asking you a question what's your favourite ice cream flavour? When you're young, your ice cream repertoire is usually limited to vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, maybe with sprinkles and a flake if you were a tiny bit adventurous. As…