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Blog posts written in 03-2024

Blog Archives for 03-2024

Edging and orgasm control by Kristina J

Welcome to a realm where every touch, every whisper, and every breath is a step on a path to unparalleled ecstasy.  The art of edging and orgasm control is more than a mere practice—it's a mastery of the human body's capacity for pleasure, an expertise…

A Glimpse into Companionship and Reflections from Kristina J

As we move into the spring, I find myself in a reflective mood, thinking back on the vibrant tapestry of experiences that have colored the first part of this year. My journey, based in the welcoming arms of my secluded sanctuary in Huddersfield,…

Exploring the Depths of Mindful Intimacy: A Guide to Enriched Connections

In a world where the pace of life often leaves us feeling disconnected not just from those around us but from ourselves, finding genuine, deep connections can seem like a challenging and daunting task. Removing the masks that we all wear in order…