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Erotic Tie and Tease - Kristina Yorkshire Escort

You have walked into my room, looking around taking in the surrounding of a boudoir that’s screams erotic and sexy. Music and lighting setting the ambiance. I come up behind you and whisper in you ear in a soft voice which purrs with passion that I…

So whats a Goddess - In my opion….

I often get referred to as a Goddess – maybe its my 6ft height and blonde hair, maybe it’s just my way. So as I sit pondering out the window looking at the sights of Huddersfield in the distance I wonder what it means to be a Goddess. I came up with…

So what got me into the kinky play??

I often get asked what sparked my imagination and got me into the kinky play estim, rimming, Violet wand, fetish, Strap on and all the weird and wonderful things that them who have met me and know me know I love. When I first started escorting (a few…