A first foot fetish encounter
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A first foot fetish encounter

Ben was 17, sitting in the garden on a sunny afternoon with his parents out at work. He was trying to revise but the sun was too warm, and his concentration was flagging.

Next door lived an attractive woman of about 40. A very good-looking blonde with a lovely athletic figure, which Ben had admired for some time. If he stood on chair in his bedroom, he could just about see part of her in the secluded spot in the garden she used for sunbathing…. Watching her like that had consumed a few tissues lately!!

He was daydreaming about her when he heard the door open next door and he saw a fleeting glimpse of her headed out into the garden. Ben wondered if she was going to be sunbathing.

She had a table and chair in a sunny spot right next to the fence. But at the bottom of the fence there was a bit of wood rotted away so if you lay down on the grass you could see through the gap. Ben decided to have a look.

He lay down and looked through, and all he could see were her feet right next to the fence. Now Ben had always had a strange fascination for feet. He loved the summer when he could see women out in flip flops and open sandals. It had always turned him on. And how attractive her feet were seen so close up – lovely shaped arches and beautifully red-painted toes. She’d obviously spent a lot of the day walking around in bare feet as her soles were quite dirty. He suddenly realised how excited he was from the pressure growing in his underwear!

The he heard a spoon drop to the floor, and find it’s way through the gap right next to where he was peeping through the hole.. Suddenly her face was right next to his……

“Well” she said….. “do you often lie on the floor looking through into my garden, Ben? Surely you could only see my feet through the gap?”. She could see him blush a very deep red and try to stammer out an answer…… “Do you like to look at my feet by any chance?”.

He managed to blurt out “yyyyess…. They’re very nice…..”

“Well” she said. “I think you obviously need something to do to take your mind off them. I’ve a couple of little jobs you can do for me in the house. Just give me 5 minutes and then pop round,. The door into the garden will be open”

Ben could feel the pressure in his underwear intensifying as he said he’d be round in five minutes to do whatever she needed help with. His mouth was suddenly very dry and his pulse racing out of control.

He was shaking slightly as he walked through her garden door into the sitting room, where she was nowhere to be seen. But she was waiting behind the door….. Suddenly his arms were grabbed from behind and he felt cold metal on his wrists. She’d handcuffed him! His pulse rate went through the roof….

Then she came round in front of him dressed in a fabulous, and rather tiny, gold and black bikini. She was wearing stilettos with a thin silver heel and with just thin red straps over the foot so her beautiful feet and toes were completely on show.

“I need to teach you a little lesson about being a peeping Tom”, she said. But she didn’t say it menacingly, but very, very sexily. The pressure in his underwear kept increasing - he thought his poor cock was about to rip it’s way out through his shorts!!

“Lie down on the floor” she ordered “face up”. He obeyed, shaking with anticipation, excitement, fear, all mixed up together. Then suddenly she pulled his shorts and pants down to his ankles so he couldn’t move – his throbbing erection fully revealed.

“It seems you’re very excited to see me, Ben” she said. “But now I need to teach you that lesson”

She grabbed a dining room chair and pushed it over his legs so they were trapped underneath it. Then she sat down, looming over him with an air of sexual menace, and grinning broadly.

She placed the sole of one shoe onto his erection, pressing it down into him. He thought he would explode. Never had he felt so excited….. Then she rubbed the end of the stiletto along his aching shaft, starting from his balls and ending right at the tip where she pressed down a bit - which made him squeal (with pain or with delight – he was very confused about which it was).

The stiletto moved up and down his shaft a few more times, every time pressing a little harder. How could his heart be hammering this hard? It felt like it might burst from his chest.

Her other foot rested on the top of his thigh and he noticed that there was slowly increasing pressure from this stiletto too….. It was now biting quite hard into his leg, It was painful – but exquisite at the same time. He willed her to press even a bit harder, but instead she bent down (letting him see inside the top of her bikini where he saw a flash of erect and beautiful nipples). How he longed to be allowed to touch them…… She slowly undid the clasps on her shoes and took them off, pushing the insides of the shoes against his face so he could smell and taste her sweat. So strangely delicious…..

She thenplaced one beautiful bare foot quite firmly on the base of his throbbing cock and rubbed the other foot slowly up and down the hard shaft. “My, my you are an excited boy, Ben” “I think this is a lesson you might be finding a bit too enjoyable”

Suddenly a wave of ecstasy shot through him as his cock exploded. He ejaculated so strongly he realised he even had cum on one eyebrow!

“Now, Ben, what a mess you’ve made” she said as she walked out of the room, coming back a few moments later with a flannel. She carefully, and gently, cleaned off the cum for him, bending down again so he could see inside the bikini top.

“Sit up” she ordered, and went round behind him to undo the cuffs. Slowly an arm came out from behind him and a bikini top dropped onto his now satisfied cock. But before he could turn round to look at her she said “Better get off home now – no more peeping or goodness knows what punishment I might find for you another time”. He turned to see her, only from the back, disappear into another room and close the door.

Ben has always had a foot fetish ever since, perhaps not so very surprisingly!

Written by one of my lovely visitors thank you for sharing your tory it is a pleasure to put it on my blog.

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