A funny story from South Africa..
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A funny story from South Africa..

Sometimes I just love to get involved in local life this is a funny story form my stay with a local South African family.

I am sorry I have been off line for a while I have been in the wilds of South Africa and way off the tourist track.

Typically me its all about the experience and finding out as much about local people and how they live, what challenges they have and really connecting with some of the people who call this beautiful country their home.

I have done everything from hair rating journeys to the top of the Kamanssie mountain range where it took 8 hours to feed 3 chickens to volunteering on a Cheetah outreach centre, to hearing stories of why a winery has no Shiraz this year as the Baboons have a like for Shiraz grapes!

Here is a funny story form my stay on hill top farm where the biggest threats are fire, Leopard and Baboons.

I was staying with a family on a local form and they had been very kind the day before taking me around a local farm and meeting the local people.  It had been a night of the most horrific lightning storm and a horrible bushfire has being ravaging the countryside, 

So wanting to try and help the people where I’m staying get to grips with restoring normal life i asked the farmer “is there anything I can do to help you today?” 

“Yes” he replies “You can feed my chickens” “ I’ll just get you the feed and the Jeep keys the you can head off and do that for me” 

So farmer returns with a smart Issuz Denver pick up truck and said chicken feed, plus a map? 

So off I set driving up this farm road following his directions, the road starts to narrow and gets rougher and rough before starting to climb and climb and climb. 

Now I’m no off road expert but this road would challenge some experts in fact I passed 3 goats that gave up on their way up. 

After 3.5hrs driving I found the first chicken in a big black cage so I delivered its breakfast (a little late) and moved off to find the next one marked on the map. 

8hrs later I eventually return to the farm yard and spoke to the farmer, ok So this morning I asked you if I could help you out and you said feed the chickens  What the fuck are they doing at the top of a mountain in metal cages???

The farmer looked at me and smiled he said they are bait in my leopard traps “ did you see any Leopards while you were up there.

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