A poem from a Client
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A poem from a Client

I was given the beautiful gift of a poem fro one of my regulars which I have permission to share

Enjoy xx

Into your hands I give my body, mind an soul

In your hands I plan my trust

to do with as you will

Trembling I stand before you

feeling my fear ebb in the light of your eyes

My nervousness calming

for this is where I belong

standing before you

wondering what dark delights I will find

Blindfolded and senseless

hearing the whisper of your stockings getting closer


As your hand trails over my body

Heart pounding, pulse racing

As you softly whisper shall I begin

I can not see but I can hear you moving

As heat sharpness and pain merge into pleasure

Teasing and tormenting

Please dint stop

Breathe I hear softly spoken

Breathe says the voice

The whisper is gone

arms up

stockings caressed

blinded and mobile

weight setting down

head can not move

now please me says the voice

and breathe

Breathe commands the voice

sharp stabbing heat, pain

rolling over my senses are a fire

back aching, arms straining

chains holding, where next

Breathe commands the voice

Good by whispers the voice

light cascading, pain ebbing

tears fading, sight returning

looking down..

My Dark Angel, My Mistress

My soul

Good boy whispers the voice

Written by one of my wonderful Clients

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort

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