Afternoon Tea
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Afternoon Tea

Hi Guys fancy a bit of Crumpet with lashings of butter (remember last Tango-in Paris)?

I digress I love afternoon Tea it is so decadent (depends where you go!! Nothing really sexy about afternoon tea unless you are in a nice hotel where you recline to your hotel room for a nice bit of the other this is when two people decide to have orgasms by enjoying each others genitals Yummy. times. Rough, sweet, or just sex, there are many ways of having sex. Lots of positions available

Words that describe having a bit of the other

  1. A bit of crumpet
  2. A bit of “How’s yer father?”
  3. A bit of the old in-out, in-out
  4. Leg over
  5. Boning
  6. Muff diving (69)
  7. Dipping your wick
  8. Getting some
  9. Getting it on
  10. Humping
  11. Shagging
  12. Slap and tickle

There are plenty more we all have a favourite visit me for afternoon Tea crumpet included (Me )

Khloe the best bit of crumpet in town xx

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