A glimpse of stocking by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A glimpse of stocking

..is no longer shocking. Yet it excites many men. Why?

Though hardly anything shocks us any more, stockings have retained a specifically erotic meaning. Needless to say, by stockings I mean the kind of hosiery a woman wears with a suspenders belt, not those horrible things purveyed at the supermarket. Be warned: this article presents an entirely subjective and typically male view of its subject. I did a survey with some of my clients.

Sexy nylon stockings worn by women to cause sexual arousal in men. They are usually kept on while having sex and usually go with a pair fuck me heels or a pair of fuck me boots

Woman: hey, great, you are stone-hard tonight

Man: must be those fuck me stockings that you are wearing they're my viagra.


Stockings make a woman look more revealed than if she were simply naked. Instead of being covered, her most sexual part is accentuated. Nakedness is not of itself erotic. In fact, habitual nudity is positively anti-erotic, since it divorces nakedness from desire. Nakedness is arousing only so long as it remains an extraordinary state. Stockings emphasise that a woman is not fully dressed, just as other underwear does. It's as though she is caught between nakedness and respectability both normal states,

A woman showing her stocking tops is breaking a taboo. She offers the delight of the forbidden peek. In so doing, she is being naughty in a very nice way indeed. (I love being naughty). Erotic effects rely on simultaneously revealing and concealing. The tension is in the contrast between the two. Likewise, a semi-transparent brassiere is tantalising in a way that a topless woman on Bondi Beach is not.

Uncertainty is the essence of excitement. Stockings and lingerie accentuate, or create a woman's mystery. Stockings cover a woman near to, but not at, her most exciting part. In fact the dark stocking tops are like a climax to the eye's ascent, with the greatest contrast between covered and bare at the top of the thighs, an area of great interest to a man. Stockings are the ideal frame for a woman's charms. It is like setting a beautiful jewel in the perfect setting. The stocking tops also function as place markers, emphasising just how much leg is being revealed.

A woman wearing stockings panders to male fantasies, especially if she is daring enough to give a glimpse of the tops. She is saying I want to excite and please you. To hell with convention and propriety! Since stockings have been out of fashion for decades, a woman wears them expressly to sexually excite a man. Or maybe that's just a male fantasy! A woman in stockings defies convention: instead of dressing to please other women or for convenience, as most do, she is dressing for men. Needless to say, such a woman is worth her weight in precious metals. (So give me some)

If I want to make a big impression on a man, there can hardly be a better way than to appear in black fishnet stockings, matching suspenders belt, high heels, pearls and wait for it, nothing else.

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