A source of pleasure by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

A source of pleasure

I love wearing high heels especially Black or Red. I adore every click-clacky moment of them. I jump at any opportunity to wear heels being a female it is a part of me. That said, I love a good stiletto. I like them tall and precarious. I like them leather and embellished. I like them with straps and buckles and whatever other accoutrements make other girls go “OMG, WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES?”

We are suddenly, taller, thinner and shapelier. A pair of stiletto heels pushes that all out even further. Most women will tell you that they love their heels because of the way they make them feel. And many women are willing to play with heels in a way they don’t play with other parts of their wardrobe.

This is the first and most important thought that I feel in heels . I will put the heels on, look in the mirror, and fall utterly in love with my own legs, which is the magic and the beauty of heels and why I always have at least one pair that makes me love myself so utterly and disgustingly and unconditionally that I am actually overwhelmed by it. Sometimes all it takes is a pair of heels to remind me how foxy I am and if that’s how little it takes then the healing power of heels is alright by me. Buying shoes is thrilling and exciting; owning and wearing a fabulous pair of heels, boots, sandals, etc. is a source of great pleasure

Come and visit me Shoe Fetish or not,  there are plenty of other things we can do.

Kristina J:  Shoes speak louder than words