Adult work and keeping your account safe by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Adult work and keeping your account safe

Why its important to keep your adult work account safe - hacking and Alias

I had a Client contact me yesterday and Gentleman I know pretty well on Adult work. He had on his account over 5000 Alias most of which had negative or looked like photo scam profiles.

I mailed him to let him know, if I had over 5000 alias I would want to know. Basically to cut along sorry short his account had been hacked. Tis is really common with Adult work as there appears to be a ring of people who just want to get into your account for some reason. I have man times received emails or text from what looks like adult work asking me to fill in my details they all look very convincing and they specifically ask for your account login and password.

I nearly fell for one of these once because it took me straight to what looked like the adult work login page, it was only my gut sense that made me stop and check it out first.

So how do I check it out?

When Adult work send a genuine email if you hit the reply it brings up the genuine email address which is -

When the scammers send a fake email it will come up with something different like - or these are fake email addresses.

Also the only emails Adult work ever send out are notifications they never send out emails asking for your password and user name.

Another word of warning is to keep your email secure as if anyone else has access to your email address they also have access to your password for adult work simply by putting your email address in adult work and asking for the password to be resent. again an email will be sent from Adult works standard email

Another way to check is to hit the reply button and copy the reply email into a google search to see if there are any warnings about it.

This is just one of the Bains of the industry is that it attracts scammers and fraudsters. So please guys and girls just be extra vigilant to keep what we do safe from people who want to rip us off, clients and sex workers alike. I know the devastation when you have worked hard at your profile as a provider and your account is hacked and shut down.

I hope this helps someone to keep safe.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx