Bizarre or Weird by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Bizarre or Weird

Hi you non weirdos and weirdos they say it takes all sorts to make the world go round and Bizarre and Weird are part of the sorts.  

Seriously, is there anything more bizarre than the word “bizarre”? The word actually comes from the Basque, who upon seeing bearded Spanish soldiers for the first time found them odd. Bizar, which in Basque means beard, then came to mean strange, of course, in certain European languages. Undoubtedly, all languages have a word for “bizarre”, for nothing else fascinates us more than the outlandish, unusual and downright weird, especially when it involves people other than ourselves. No, this information won’t help you get into Eton but it will make for fun conversation at a party. 

It seems like everyone is sort of the same nowadays, doesn't it? Sometimes being yourself isn't enough, you need to be a little weird to stand out. The one thing to remember if  you want to be weird, not crazy!  Find a balance to be seen as endearing and weird, not a loose cannon.

I remember an occasion where my client brought a blow up cow, and a small stool, I had been informed beforehand to wear a milkmaids attire, this guy wanted me to pretend to milk the cow while he masturbated into a bowl which he proceeded to mix and drink it (no kisses for him). This was not my weirdest meeting but it stuck in my mind and I wondered WHY!!

The difference between Bizarre and Weird

They mean the same thing often - strange and unusual.  However, bizarre is usually used when something is extremely strange - so strange that you start to be nervous or afraid.  A person coming to visit you in a suit and tie would be a little weird.

If that person came dressed in a suit made of paper, it would be bizarre.


Something that's uniqe, strange, awesome, crazy, or out of the ordinary. someone who is different from everybody else and has issues but that's okay because they're being themselves.  It's okay to be a weirdo and if someone tells you otherwise, tell them to shove a cactus up their ass.

Kristina J.  It is better to be weird than absolutely boring xx