Bouncy Bouncy by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Bouncy Bouncy

Hellooooo my lovely blog readers hope you are still keeping safe. Its been a long time but things can only get better and when they do I wanna party with you.

Before the Covid 19 I had a client visit me he was quite explicit in things he likes and did not like, I though it might be interesting coming from a males (not all) point of view.

Standing up I can do without standing up or to be precise standing up facing each other. Standing up from behind is awesome, but standing up facing one another is too much work for too little payoff.

Cowgirl With Excessive Bouncing I love when a woman is on top and knows how to work it. But, full disclosure, nothing scares me more than when a woman starts bouncing really high and up off my penis. It’s in those situations that I fear she’ll come back down, miss getting it in the hole, then I’ll end up with a broken penis, OUCH!!

Her Sitting On My Face I love to go down on a girl, but what I don’t love is the whole sitting on my face thing. I know most of my friends really love it, and maybe I’m just doing it wrong, but I can never breathe, she’s never relaxed, and I’d rather give her oral in any other position.

Leaning Back Mid Reverse Cowgirl OK, let me explain myself I love reverse cowgirl. But what I don’t love is when a girl is doing reverse cowgirl and she decides to lean back against me and I’m forced to imagine my penis snapping right off at the base. If she’s tired, I respect that, but I’d rather we separate as opposed to she using me as a mattress while I’m still inside her.

Missionary It’s just boring for me. While I like to be able to see her face, it doesn’t really do anything for me. I can never come in missionary, so I let her enjoy it from that position, then move on to something else that I prefer. I know I’m not the only guy who says doggy always does it for me. WOOF WOOF give a girl a bone!!

Kristina J My favourite sex position is just about any I am just glad to be involved