C is for candle wax by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

C is for candle wax

That sensuous delight of hot wax dripping over you, especially if you are blindfolded and ties to the bed….

Candle wax - really I hear some of you ask.. Yes exactly that not normal candles though that would be silly and they would burn you BDSM play candles which burn at just the right temperature for erotic play.

Candle wax play can be very sensuous especially when mixed with some ice for the contrast.. Its a lovely kinky turn on some tie and tease play where sensation and not quite knowing where the next drop will hit can add to the erotic mind play.

Temperature play - candle wax and ice does not just have to be reserved to BDSM it can be introduced to sensual erotic play as well taking it form the tame to the slightly wild…

I hear you ask why is the candle so important and can I not just one I have around the house… I would not advise it sorry..

Candles burn at different levels depending on what sort of effect you are looking to achieve so while I using soy based candles with a medium boring temperature but the wax cools quickly on contact with the body if I was looking for a higher impact and more BDSM panel where the emphasis was on pain then I would be using bees wax candles which burn much hotter.

So to keep it sensual and about the sensation and the fun of the play I stick mainly with soy candles unless we have had a discussion around this prior to play.

A lot of people are concerned about marks as the candles are low during temperature and cool quickly unless you have sensitive skin they are very unlikely to mark but we can always test them out on your arm first if you are concerned or just want an idea of how they may feel.

So keeping to subtle and low key for sensual sensations of delight is the key to erotic candle wax play.

If you have been thinking about this then maybe its time to give it a go…

Kisses Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort