D is for Dark Eros… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

D is for Dark Eros…

This one is edgy read it if you like… Daring to step out of my comfort zone…..

D is for Dark Eros…

Dark Erotica one of favourites. What I love about Dark Eros is that it does not have to be about dominance and submission it’s a journey deep into the hidden parts of yourself to find the magic that lays there and allows you to play out your dark shadow in a safe contained way through sexual expression.

Maybe connecting with your hidden taboos and erotic punishments..

It could be playing out your shameful sexual expressions

Maybe it the thing that turns you on that distresses you the most..

It could be exploring the edges of your capacity to take and allow in a sexual context

Together we could go deep into your core erotic theme to find out where the darkness offers new light

Just take a minute to think of your darkest sexual fantasies, your deepest sources of arousal allowing yourself to have no limits and your mind and body the freedom to play that part out what would it be?? How do they make you feel??

For me my Dark Eros is deep and dark – My core erotic theme is a based on lure in and switch personality, entrapment of unwilling victims using false pretences. It is connecting with my controller, manipulator, and mind game player the shadow parts of myelsf. I then switch in to the sadist wanting to take everything I can from you for my pleasure of watching you squirm. Its powerful and it used to scare the shit out of me that is until I recognised it owned it and got control of it. Now it something of beauty and magnificence, only being played out when I have permission and this is fundamental to Dark Eros it comes out in a safe container with pre agreed boundaries which makes me feel safe to drop into my Dark Eros… I am sharing this with you to give you permission to get in touch with your Dark Eros… For me the journey into Dark Eros has been powerful and enlightening. I no longer feel ashamed of these feelings instead I own them and show them off when I am allowed to. Don’t worry all of you that just want to see the sensual side of me my Dark Eros is well under control and only comes out when I have been given permission… Learning this has been one of the most important learnings of my life as until I had it under control it was presenting in many different forms in ways that were back then many years ago not acceptable. My dark eros is what drives my erotic seductress as I call on that inner part of myself to allow myself to fully connect with the sensual seductress as well as the inner Lioness…

So allow yourself to connect with your true self and what lays in your darkness I am sure there is some pure gold in there just waiting to be discovered….

Kristina J - UK Escort and Erotic Seductress…..