Don’t judge an industry you know nothing about by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Don’t judge an industry you know nothing about

The sexual needs and desires are recognized as been a basic need of human survival and failing to live out sexual desires and intimate can be frustrating and restrictive.

I was pondering the thought of how many people are lucky enough to lead a fulfilled sex life and how many are restricted by the ideology of others having their own sexual thoughts suppressed by societies constraints. I was pondering the consequences of failing to follow one’s own sexual dreams and fantasy

I am exasperated by the narrow minded views of people who know nothing about the sex industry branding it in a negative light with some draconian views on what they believe is right or wrong. Please do not mis-understand me I know there is a dark side but this dark side thrives on the political and religious views that dictate a negative image of the sex industry. The fact that the industry is not legalized, accepted or regulated because of the views of people who know nothing about the sex industry only adds to the issues that arise because there is no regulation.

I have always believed that there should be an open discussion where all aspects are considered and most importantly the views of individuals who know best are taken into account. Such a debate should be free of religious inputs, judgmental issues, stereotyping and negativity to reach a sensible positive outcome.

There has been a change in society and attitudes towards things that were deemed unacceptable previously such as same sex unions, single parent families, gender changes so why not prostitution?

There has been too much focus on banning an act rather than attempting to understand it and work to make what is potentially a dangerous industry safe – Take Sweden as an example. It is unfortunate that it is the opinions of individuals that know nothing about the sex industry ‘oh ban it all it’s disgusting’ that make policy on something they know nothing about.

I openly invite you to walk a week on my shoes and then you may ask how can we make the industry safer instead of how can we ensure it remains a dangerous industry and very dark place for individuals less fortunate than myself?

The sex industry is in my opinion concealed from view and operates in a mainly unregulated environment, which adds to the dangers of providers and punters. So why not accept it is going to happen and regulate the industry making it safer for all involved. Who do these policy makers think they are protecting by leaving the industry unregulated?

Sexual desires are there and we all have them yes that includes females too. I am very in touch with mine. Sex workers are in every society at every level and have been since the dawn of time and are becoming more socially spoken about with various programs on the TV covering this topic.

With the pace of life picking up and attitudes towards sex changing (50 shades of grey) has done wonders! Many people have not got the time for a committed relationship, or they have sexual needs that need to be fulfilled outside a loving relationship or they want to experience something different to what has become a home routine, the list is endless. This is where the sex industry can serve these needs in a discreet environment.

Like it or not, every human has certain sexual desires and this is one of the most basic of needs. Suppressing them is, in my mind at least, is more detrimental than fulfilling them.

Within the industry consent is everything. If it is consensual and safe, where is the harm in it?

Unfortunately society as it is has too many double standards to stand in judgment over others based on one’s own belief of an industry it does not understand or take the time to fully explore.

Surely the way to understand it is to listen to the views of those involved and make an informed decision based on all the facts not just what society tells us are the facts.

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