Duo days with Lady V - A High Priestess of the Dark Arts and Tantric Goddess….. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Duo days with Lady V - A High Priestess of the Dark Arts and Tantric Goddess…..

Go One I dare you…. Join myself and lady V for a sensation mind blowing Christmas treat…..

Lady V is my right hand lady when it comes to domination or Tantra, being a true Tantric Domina and specialist in mind and body control as well as shabari together we make a sensation duo.Lady V mainly spends her time in dark ritual BDSM and is a high priestess commanding and creating many erotic scenes. We have worked together many time in the past and the connection between us enable for a very real experience of true domination and control taking you to places of surrender Imagine falling captivated to two sensual yet commanding ladies who are also very dominant and deliver that wicked twist of sensual with sadistic. Imagine being controlled, restrained and used at our mercy overcome by the erotic energy of the both of us together.

Lady V also is able to offer Tantric massage being trained in the art of Tantric massage snd together we can offer 4 hands tantric massage the ultimate in indulgent treat to totally immerse and spoil yourself, or maybe a 4 hands tie and tease or bondage massage. There is something really magical of receiving a four hand touch where every touch just melts into one luxurious, indulgent feeling of bliss.

Imagine getting in between 2 tall blonde ladies who really know what they are doing and how to please and tantalise you on the body and mind. Lady V like me is tall with long blonde hair she is sensual yet commanding and very on control of herself and you. Just like me Lady V i san Erotic Arts Temptress, fetish play and kink professional and the two of us together are simply sensational bringing so much more power and depth to sessions, how could you possibly resist. She loves to play and is an expert of tapping into your deepest desires and bringing them out to play with. She will know things about you, your deepest hidden fantasies and erotic desires and will tap into things you that you don’t know yourself she is a very powerful and skilled tantric domina.

So what are you waiting for with may options with the very talented Lady V here are the dates so go on I dare you to treat yourself to a double domination session or a 4 hands Tantric Massage session.

  • Monday 17th December 10am - 10pm
  • Tuesday 18th December 10am - 10pm
  • Wednesday 19th December 10am - 10pm
  • Thursday 20th December 10am - 10pm

Kristina J - Erotic Arts Temptress…. xxx