Enchantress or Demon by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Enchantress or Demon

The earliest stories tell of powers to hypnotise victims with magic spells and potions; hence, the femme fatale. This woman often took the form of the seductive fairy queen who whisked mortal men away to the land of the damned for cycles of seven years. Today she is most often portrayed a semi-mythical seductress, a witch, an enchantress, a vampire, or a demon wielding supernatural sexual control over men.

In reality, the arts of seduction around the world were closer aligned with the practice of "sleekid lies" and "coercion," rather than mystical powers. A common trick was to imply that she was caught up in a life-threatening situation and was a victim needing help, thus activating a man’s ego.

One of the most common traits of the femme fatale was promiscuity and themes revolving around the "rejection of motherhood.” This particular trait was seen as one of her most threatening qualities - since denying males motherhood, was to control male immortality, thus, it was feared by the church as potentially leading to “the ultimate destruction of the male.”

Since stories have been told, women have devised and developed carefully considered psychological systems specifically to seduce men. As a result, it seems that male led philosophies have developed deeply-misogynistic opinions of women, presenting them as evil seductresses trying to lead them astray. Intelligent, knowledgeable and wise women were demoted to witches with "otherworldly sexual powers" which they used to entrap otherwise innocent men.

Myths and legends of female vampires and sirens luring men to their death, were all crafted by "men" - in what appears to be a fearful response to feminism, a kind of defense system designed to protect men’s insecurities by casting strong women onto a scrap heap of “evil seductresses”. And while many women might agree with that last sentiment, a rising number of others, will have me as being entirely wrong.

today's world, where the paramount struggle is to hold another person’s attention for more than a few seconds, the most sexy and attractive quality a woman can have, in my humble opinion, is simply to be in the "present," and to be attentive to what we say, no matter how dull! Now that is one sexy attribute that you can take home to mum, as it’s non-fatal!

Kristina: Do not be afraid I will only whisk you away into my boudoir for fun and frolics 💋