Eye Contact by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Eye Contact

I love eye contact it is one of the most intimate acts in the bedroom

If there is one thing I love in the bedroom apart from the naughtiness it is eye contact, I find eye contact with my partner excites my passion and enables a connection.

Making eye contact can convey so many things – confidence, attraction, flirtatious, look at me and come a little closer. Many people find eye contact difficult maybe it challenges the emotional thoughts or maybe it is just too intense for some – for me I love it but then again I find confidence a real turn on.

Eye contact with my partner can access direct contact to their mind – I find it particularly useful in intense tease scenarios as it enables me to read my partners body and mind. I love to stare intensely into the eyes of a man like a lioness eyeing up her prey…. Knowing my stare is making him aroused, knowing how to push the invisible buttons is the most fun..

Eye contact with my partner can access direct contact to their mind

There is something deeply intimate about looking into the eyes of your partner during sex its like looking deep into their soul. It is a very powerful connection during a deeply intimate moment that makes things so special.

I find eye contact a missive turn on as it allows the connection and it also allows me to show of my eyes and my predator stare which is something I love to do.

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