Feeling Frisky by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Feeling Frisky

Frisky meaning possessing a sexual feeling 

He was feeling frisky, so he touched her.

When a girl is openly really horny and clearly is trying to get you to take your clothes off.

Her: I want to do some crazy ass things to you.

You: Damn, your one frisky girl.

We’re talking about getting frisky/ horny. We all know the feeling. The yearn. The tingles and desires.  What many of us don’t think about is the physiological changes when you’re aroused. There’s the telltale “feeling wet”, flushed cheeks, shallow breathing, but why. Sexual arousal does wild things to the human body. Temperature starts to rise, pupils start to dilate, genitals engorge and expand. Your nipples may stand on end (its all good stuff) 

Even your response to pain can change. For people with female bodies, their pain threshold increased significantly. This is one reason why a common kink or sexual preference includes things that may normally be thought of as painful, like spanking or rough play, Yes please!!  A higher pain threshold also means sex can be helpful in soothing period cramps, and other aches and pains. 

Get Your Blood Pumping and Juices going

Your blood flow changes a lot when you’re horny/frisky.  This causes the classic “sex flush”. The rosiness that creeps into your cheeks when you start going at it. It also causes noticeable changes down south. 

For people with vaginas thats me, the whole reproductive structure changes, swells and expands in anticipation of what’s to come. Hint: hopefully, that’s you.  Blood vessels begin to dilate, especially those in your genitals. For people with vaginas, this can change the appearance and feel of their vulva in all sorts of ways, come and find out

Kristina J  What can you do when you are alone and feeling frisky come and see me of course xx