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Framing our precious time together

Framing our precious time together by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Framing our precious time together

I am forward to my planned return and yes, I am excited….

I just wanted to give a bit of an insight into how I frame my special dates and some of the questions I may ask to find out what you would like. The purpose of this blog is to get you thinking before we meet so you are prepared and get the most out of our very valuable and special time together.

The emphasis of the meeting is on consent and agreements for anyone who knows me and follows my blog there is no shock there. For them that have visited me in the past you will have an idea of how I work but I feel to tighten up on consent and agreements.

So while some of you will have an outline and plan of what you would like to do in our time together and this is welcomed, some of you may not know and this is also welcomed I will just have to tease it out of you using my powers of seduction…

After welcoming you with a hug and a kiss, I always frame our time together by asking what you would like to do with me and what I you would like me to do with you. This is your opportunity to ask for what you want or what you would like. It’s not every day we get such an invitation so do enjoy the opportunity of being able to ask for what you want and being met in what you want within my boundaries, which are no unprotected sex, no anal on me, no water sports on me, no spitting at me, no hitting me, no scat on me, no cumming in my face and no pushing and pulling me around oh and I don’t really like being slapped but I do love being squeezed tightly and grabbed firmly. For those that know me and follow my blog my big turn on is nails running over my skin and down my back. I love my neck being kissed but not my ears they are way too sensitive.

I am very happy and comfortable with my yes which means I am fully in tune with my no. Please note that if I do say no to anything you are doing please do not take this personally as there is nothing personal about communicating a boundary. In the same instance I do not take anything you say no to personally and in fact really welcome your no if something is not for you.

The next things I will be asking will depend on what you have shared with me already but I will be asking if you want to explore anal play and this is a yes or no, I will be asking if you want oral, want to do oral on me, want penetrative sex, if there is anywhere on your body I cannot touch.

On top of this if you still don’t know what you want in our time together, I will be asking what drew you to my profile and visiting me in the first place. I really do understand that form some it is really difficult to communicate your desires I get it and I would there fore invite tow things either write them down if you can before you come to me or I can work with you to identify what you may like to explore. I also do get you don’t like something unless you try it, so if we are half way through a session and you said yes I wold like to explore tie and tease and you then decide it not for you that is no problem we can just move on to something else.

I also get that there are some people who really like to be in the moment and with the fluidity of the appointment just going wherever the flow takes us. This is welcome too and I just need you to outline your boundaries so it could look something like this – Lets just go with the flow but I don’t want anal play and I don’t like kissing, I also want to keep it sensual GFE orientated. This is great I and gives our special time together a frame.

The other thing I will say is that if I am doing something that you don’t like in any moment please do say, I am good but I am not a mind reader so please just say hey Kristina, that does not work for me can we move on or can we try ?? instead.

Just one final point if you say at the beginning of the session that you would not like to kiss me for example then halfway through change your mind I have to go with your initial no on this occasion and honour that boundary.

A few thoughts – no is a complete sentence you have no need to justify your no and your no will be welcomed and respected

If it’s a maybe I will take your maybe on this occasion as a no

I only accept a yes as a yes

Please do not say things that you think may please me as this is not a full yes and I really want to empower you to be in your yes. This is one reason while we are enjoying our time together, I am wary of making suggestions that you will easily follow and agree to as this can be disempowering. I would much rather you ask for what you want or give me an outline of what you would like. So sentences like do whatever you want to me don’t really work. A better way to phrase this I am curious about sensual touch can we explore this, or I quite fancy a tender GFE let’s do that.

Don’t worry if after all that you still don’t have an idea what you want I am here and trained to help and tease it out of you.

A word on dress unless I have been given a dress request prior to meeting I will be wearing stockings, lingerie, heels and a dress or a corset and a skirt.

Moving on to the environment – I try and create a warm and welcoming environment for you to relax and explore in and make you as comfortable as you like. If you have a choice of music, please do let me know and I am more than happy to change my Spotify to something that you feel to choose. If you don’t like the lighting it is too dark or too light, then let me know I can change that too. If it’s too hot or cold for you then also let me know, I usually have a log fire on, and fans running to try and create a warm aired room. If you have something non-alcoholic you want to drink other than my standard offering of water just let me know in advance. Basically anything that will make you feel more comfortable just let me know and I will do my best I change just about anything in the room except the furniture and of course me..

Just a final note consent is sexy, its a turn on as it allows us to play safely and be sexy and also allows lots of fun…... However consent is not just sexy it is also mandatory and makes me a safe sex worker which is something that I value.

I think that just about sums it up and I really want to spend some time framing our tie to make sure you have the best time possible and get the most out of our time together.

I look forward very much to seeing you and indulging together in some sensual play and really valuing our very precious time together making it as special as possible.

Kisses Kristina J- Erotic Explorer and Sensual Escort