Granny Pants by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Granny Pants

Hi Guys hope all is well with you randy lot.The reason for the Granny pants is I once had a client who had a fetish for Granny Pants he used to bring them for me to model he had every colour he wanted to wear them too especially the ones I had worn, he was partial to sniffing them too. So unless you request them you will (fingers crossed) you never see them on me!!

I bought some new underwear and it is white a colour I usually do not go for. There are times when white is soothing and swan like. You would think that all escorts go for Red or Black and mostly we do. A change is as good as a rest, I hope you can find time to come and check the under garments thoroughly, I would be honoured. NO Granny pants ever!!

Whether you prefer to plump for a thong or don your 'granny pants' in all their glory, you can wear whichever underwear your heart desires. If we had it our way, we would all wear whatever the hell we liked (read: Bridget Jones's finest undies) beneath our clothes without batting an eyelid or taking anyone's opinion into account. But since there's so much variety in our liberated world and people aren't afraid to share their verdicts.

Who says sexy lingerie is just for Valentine’s Day? My underwear styles will set your heart a-fluttering all-year-round. Fall in love with my most tantalising bras and decadent corsets, all in seductive fabrics and brimming with sexy detailing. Add a pair of flirty knickers and sultry suspenders to find a match made in lingerie heaven. So there you have it.

Kristina: When my Bra matches my underwear I really feel I have my life together