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Hudderfield Escort

Loose in India iIt's crazy....

In the absence of twitter I just wanted to update everyone that I have arrived in the chaos if India safely. Had what can only be described as the most insane few days in Mumbai, it's a crazy. city that never sleeps. Crossing the road is an art form and money exchanges found in the most unlikely places. I even braved the public transport in the name of adventure, you know me always seeking the adventure. Sitting on a train with no doors not even knowing if its heading in my intended direction was an experience. Walking the streets of Mumbai lost but then stumbling on the most incredible sights was incredible. Taking a slum tour and getting into the very heart of the city witnessing what life is like in the slums and really seeing a valued sense of community there was mind-blowing. I realised what a throw away culture we live in, in the west there in the slums of Mumbai every thing old was been turned into something new. Waste simply does not exist and everyone values what little they have but also they are willing to share it with others. There is no 'it's last years model' I need to replace it, it is in a word incredible. Everyone was smiling, chatting laughing and happy all just content to make the basic needs in life. I realised one of life's big teachings that I have come across before which goes along the lines of when we are bound by our wants and desires we are limiting our freedom. We live our lives striving the next thing instead of living in the moment and seeking to be content with where we are and what we have. People living to meet basic needs in my option appear much happier and there was definitely an element of contentment. Thoughts to ponder there for sure..

So or the next part of my trip I am heading to Varanssi the holiest city in India if not the world. It's going to be challenging as life and death happens literally before your very eyes. I am looking forward to the challenge and will write a blog in a few days when I get to Kerala the home of Ayurveda in search of an Ayurvedic teacher.

So signing off from a crazy Mumbai and sending you big kisses from Mumbai..

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort