I must be crazy….. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

I must be crazy…..

​I  am off from Tuesday 12thFebruary and back Monday 11thMarch.

I will be totally off grid from Tuesday 12thMidday until Wednesday 6thMarch, so no matter how many times you call, text or send emails I am afraid I will not be able to reply as I will be deep in the wilds of Panama with limited phone signal and wifi access, so please be patient. I will be back answering my mails, text and phone calls when I return on 6th.March. I will be back into my lingerie and stockings on 11thMarch.

I am off to the Global Tribal Gathering on a personal journey to learn more about myself, push my boundaries and step right out of my comfort zone. It is an event in Panama where there is a representation from all the indigenous communities from around the world who come together in harmony to teach their way of life. I feel honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to learn from people who have great teachings and wisdom in their communities..

There is a group of us going which make up a very interesting group of people and some very interesting group dynamics. I have already been testing my communication skills with the group dynamics and really feel I have a lot to learn about myself here and test how far I have come at been able to hold space.

I will camping with limited water, toilets and no electric. In a basic tent alongside the scorpions and tarantulas… If you saw my packing you would think I was going on some expedition up mount Everest not a tropical climate, swapping dresses for insect bite cream and first aid kit, BBQ grill for cooking on and utensils. I really cannot believe I am going to be doing this. The big draw for me is learning how the indigenous tribal communities around the world live and survive, learning their way of life a life totally different to mine. Getting in touch with nature and the people and learning to live off the land in a very basic way. I am feeling nervous and challenged yet secure and strong and ready. I know it is going to be challenging but that is what I like. Anyone can go on a five star luxury holiday and be waited on hand and foot and not learn anything about themselves. For me it is the journey the learning and what extra bits of magic I can bring back. So stepping out of my comfort zone and flying off to different realm I can just hear me saying I am an Escort get me out of here.

See you all on the other side..

Kristina J – Huddersfield Escort