Is it worth the money? by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Is it worth the money?

Hi you randy rovers l love my clients and I know some of them just by the cologne they wear I smell it before they get in the door and want to devour them sexually before I even say hello.

The attractive powers of pheromones (scented sex hormones) have often been exaggerated not least by advertisers trying to sell pheromone-based scents and sprays which they claim will make men irresistible to women. Sometimes it does. Widely publicised research findings on female sensitivity to male pheromones have also led some men to believe that the odour of their natural sweat is highly attractive to women. Please no not all women. Does The Right Scent Really Matter? To some people, the idea that the right scent can help a guy get a girl seems like a bunch of marketing hoopla. However, science has shown that women are attracted to certain scents and that smell plays an extremely important role in attraction. Cologne A name for men’s fragrance a common misspelled term via text or writing.

Marla Wow, your colon (cologne) smells good. Watch your spelling!!

What Is The Most Expensive Cologne On The Market? As the old saying goes, You get what you pay for. Dropping a couple of pounds on a cheap bottle of cologne probably is not going to tickle anybodys fancy except maybe your wallet. Cologne, however, is an investment, and it deserves the attention that all major investments are due. That is why, when shopping for a new fragrance, don’t be deterred by the price tag. It’s the scent you are after. Recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive cologne in the world, No. 1 by Clive Christian is an absolute masterpiece. Using only luxury ingredients. As evidenced by both its price and the bottle it comes in, it is a fragrance symbolizing the pinnacle of luxury, design. The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive. I love a man who smells nice and I used to like Aramis Estée Lauder and Obsession Calvin Kline.

Kristina: Always a pleasure with or without Cologne xxx