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Kristina J - UK escort update

Kristina J - UK escort update by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

An update while we are in these times of lockdown

Kristina J - UK escort update

Hello lovely readers.

Firstly just a thank you to all you lovely people who take the time to read what I write. In these strange times I just wanted to check in ad let you know I am doing well, keeping fit with lots of walking, keeping hydrated with lots of gin and taking some time to get into some self learning on the erotic and sexuality.

I also found some old photos from my swinging day so some more funny stories to come including the adventure of Melanie which I look forward to sharing. 

We are in a time of great changes and while some people are thriving others are doing ok ad sadly some are struggling and others are drowning, I just want to acknowledge that and also give gratitude to the fact that I am doing ok and in the position where I can sit and take the time for reflection and learning and continuing my personal development. I am very lucky to have access on line to some of my teachers and some of their offerings so I am getting involved in some on line learning also.

I have been really touched by the amount of people who have contacted me and had some lovely chats with my valued regular visitors and it is always nice to receive a text every now and then too and keep in touch which I do value at this time. I am not opening this up to people I do not know though I am afraid I do need to be boundaries in this otherwise I will be inundated. So please only regulars and people that I know and met over the years.

It's time for change and we can either passively go into the change or intentionally go into the the change which is why its so important to reflect at this time. I am spending time thinking how when I am able to return I can up my already high standard of protocols in order to make my environment safer for everyone. Its simple things like auto bacterial hand gel, sanitising surfaces any many more little things that all add up to minimising the risk. To be fair I don't tend to come into much contact with people away from work other than close friends and family and I always have my hands in anti bacterial gel any way. 

The way I am feeling with the whole lock down is a sense of being stuck, its almost like not going anywhere and not able to make any plans has been the most challenging for me and getting used to taking one day at a time without any plans for the next day has been an enlightening challenge and given me some opportunities to learn a new way of being for now. I do keep coming back to the word stuck though but I do recognise this time will pass and the stuckness will lift. I do go through the roller coaster of emotions chichis just normal human behaviour from frustrate to angry to sad to happy to joyful. I just notice and allow each one as it comes and goes and allow however I am in any moment to just be it is ok to feel any of these. One person said to me in ealing with her depression she just took each day at a time and did not look beyond the next day learning to be in the present and not overwhelming herself by looking too far ahead and making too many plans. Such great advice when applied to this situation as no one can see what may happen beyond a few days and if we start looking at weeks looming ahead in lock down which I hope not we will overwhelm ourselves and then drop into the uncertainty and this can be unsettling. 

I keep telling myself this is days and weeks not months and yeas and although it feels like a long time when I look back it won't be such a long time. 

Next week I am hoping to make progress with my new website as it is the perfect opportunity to do that and keep writing the blogs and learning as much as I can while keeping myself fit and well which is the most important thing at this time.

So keep safe, keep positive and remember this time wil pass and we will be able to connect at some time in the very near future.

Kisses Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort xx