My Passions…. by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

My Passions….

My Vision…… My Why and and what it means….

I have a belief in being different, not fitting into the typical escort, BDSM or tantric Box, this I believe gives me the freedom to really embrace each modality and be playful and creative with it without limitations. I love to feel my uniqueness and truly embrace listening to your desires, valuing you as an individual and respecting your boundaries. A passion for turning desires into reality and mixing together opposites. I believe in exploring the full potential of your erotic self and maximising your pleasure. I would love for you to explore with me?

I am passionate about your pleasure, and a felt sense for bringing unique true professionalism to our encounters. I have a strong belief that continued learning and expanding my knowledge in the field of eroticisum in order give you the best experience experience ever. I love to embrace that each and every meeting is an experience it its self.

I welcome the opportunity of expanding possibilities and opening up new routes to pleasure. I believe in playfulness and exploration to open up your full potential to dive into an intimate encounter. I am committed to providing a safe space that is welcoming and intimate and yet opens up so may opportunities to play together. I would love you to join me in this exciting adventure of erotic discovery.

I have a love of deep connective tantric touch, sensuality and giving you the space to totally let go into ecstasy. I really believe it is your birthright to feel extended pleasure in every fibre of your body…

Can I invite you to join me in trusting spontaneity and letting go and welcoming pleasure?

Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx