New House by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

New House

Hello my lovely gorgeous, sexy people.

Well I am just back from my Tantra course, it has been a real privledge to attend the International Tantra Course and Graduate as a Tantra Massage Therapist. So much new and exciting things learnt that I am very keen to incorporate into my sessions to make them, sexier, add more depth and extending the play and connection together. It’s all very exciting and as always I am looking forward to introducing more Tantric principals into BDSM and Kink sessions.

A much more ambient room with soft romantic lighting setting the scene for some very intimate play

But first there is news….

I am moving, I know I was am I aren’t I well there is good reason for that which I won’t bore you with and trust me it’s boring!!! But the exciting news is I am moving, but not too far away still within easy reach of M62 and Huddersfield train station. I will located in a very beautiful little terraced cottage, there is plenty of free parking around both outside the house and the street above, I will direct you to a great place to park. Don’t panic there are no adjoining doors to my neighbours and I am not over looked. Infact if anything I would say it is much more discreet than my apartment was with its own private door leading straight into what I am calling my own Wonderland a whole host of delights await.

My play room will remain fully kitted out with my cross and cage and very luxurious double bed, large, comfy and welcoming. I have bought some new cushions and throws to make it very beautiful and inviting, with a touch of decadence. A much more ambient room with soft romantic lighting setting the scene for some very intimate play and enhancing relaxation and connection eased by soft background music sweeping you away in the Narnia and magic of bliss and ecstatic encounters.

My Tantra room is a separate room which is mirrored on two walls and is home to a stunning massage table which can be used for Tantra or Bondage massage. Again the room is themed with beautiful ambiance including aromatherapy essence creating the right mood for a mind blowing full on Tantric Massage or some very deep Bondage Massage. Beautiful music playing in the background enables you to drop into the session and fully relax in being spoilt for an hour or two.

The two rooms will work in tandem with each other and one of my favourite things to do is a Tantra Massage to relax and unwind you before moving into a deep tie and tease session or an intimate GFE encounter or maybe some impact play – one of my personal favourites, usually taking a couple of hours to really enjoy and relax into our time together.

Step into my Wonderland and meet the edge of Narnia in a world where you are encouraged to be yourself

And there’s more…

A cellar, now I hear you ask what could a lady like me do with a cellar… Well what else a small dungeon, a dark space for the dark arts of impact play and other deviant erotic arts. I have bought a beautiful spanking bench which you can be restrained to and held securely in place for impact play before being made to grovel at my feet and beg to go to a more luxurious space…. I will be taking a few weeks to set up the dungeon and I imagine it will be ready to receive visitors the beginning of June. I have also made a commitment to learn to florentine and will be using the dungeon as a practice area.

All in all its very exciting and I am looking forward to getting settled into my new house and been able to offer the full range of what I am more than capable of offering.

I have invested heavily in training and privileged to be trained by some of the very best with a strong commitment to enhancing what I am able to offer and now I have the space to offer a much wider variety of encounters. So go one what will you chose step into my Wonderland and meet the edge of Narnia in a world where you are encouraged to be yourself as you leave your worries and strains at the door, you may want to pick them on up on the way out but more than likely they will fall from your mind for a little way. A world without limitations and within your boundaries making play safe, secure and enlightening.

Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx

I have moved to a beautiful new Chambers…..