Orgies ans Maypoles by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Orgies ans Maypoles

Hi happy May Pole day it is maypole madness once again The word "orgy" passed into English in 1589, and evidence exists that the English were no slouches at group sex. Dancing round a Maypole wasn't always mere skipping-with-ribbons. It was ritual phallus-worship, after which the dancers would head for the open meadows. "What clipping, what culling, what kissing and bussing, what smooching and slobbering one of another," remarked the 16th-century Puritan Philip Stubbes, from his vantage point wanking behind a bush.

After the Restoration, things calmed down. The orgy became the toy of the aristocracy. In England, its apogee was the rise of the Hellfire Club, founded by Sir Francis Dashwood, an MP for 20 years and a full-time rake. He leased Medmenham Abbey on the Thames. In the garden stood a statue of a naked Venus, bending over so that visitors walked straight into her bottom. He built a network of caves and passages under a hill, with individual "cells" where the friars could wench. The friars hired London "dollymops" and ferried them down the Thames on barges. Dolly Mop a prostitute often an amateur or a part-time street girl.

Pleasure is a major motivator for our species, and sexual pleasure is among the most sought after. (Lok at just how much money the porn industry brings in, It is one of the things that unites the vast majority of humanity: we, for the most part, like to get it on with each other. Beltane, whether we ascribe to its fertility aspects or not, is a holiday that revels in that pleasure, no matter one’s orientation, gender, preference, or tastes.


It is on May 1st 2023. The holiday is celebrated every year on hence the nickname May Day!

The name Beltane translates to bright fire and the holiday is appropriately celebrated with a large bonfire. Camping is also popular at Beltane, as well as dancing and, in the olden days, courtship rituals. It's common to dress and doll up, especially with flower crowns and the colour green, and to stay up all night on the Eve of Beltane to see the sunrise on actual Beltane.

Kristina J: Let me dance around your Maypole xx