Play by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort


A few thoughts around play in especially adult play and exploring the erotic

I want to talk about play something that I have touched on in many of my blogs but not gone any deeper into what the benefits are of exploring adult play.

I know many of you like me are disappointed that there are no physical meetings but in these times of self isolation it brings a great opportunity for looking deep within ourselves at our desires, kinks, fetishes. Its an opportunity to allow ourselves to think a little bit more about our erotic landscape and what we really want from our sexual encounters when this time passes, and it will pass.

Play is such an important part of our lives, think back to when we were children and we used to play how much we learnt about ourselves through that play. How play allowed us to explore different characters and different parts of ourselves. How we increased our awareness of ourselves, our relationships with others and our environments. Play for me as a child was an opportunity to learn, to grow, to make mistakes and to develop.

As we grow up it is not uncommon to forget our sense of play and the impact play has on our lives. Play in essence is how we discover ourselves. So let’s just hold the thought and apply the theories of play to our erotic selves. If play is how we discover ourselves then exploring through play in an erotic context we are able to connect with our erotic desires and discover so much more about ourselves and what we really want. I encourage you at this time of isolation and lockdown to be bold and give yourself permission to delve into your fantasies and allow yourself to explore your full erotic desires and really think about what you really want from a sexual and sensual encounter.

It is through play that we allow ourselves to become curious. If anyone has been in session with me the words ‘I am curious about what happens if’, are quite common this is me not only been playful but willing to take a risk to see what may or may not happen. Erotic play allows us to explore and expand our awareness of our own erotic possibilities, it allows us to drop fully into our imagination and loosen social conditionings that restricts our access to our erotic experiences. Play allows us to connect with ourselves and others and process our relationships with power this is especially seen in BDSM play. It is through curiosity and play that we can learn erotic skills for life which is portably why I love the training I do so much there is always an opportunity for play (not erotic play just play) and from the play comes some deep learning but I have to take a chance and give myself permission to play as a first step to expanding my awareness.

When you have processed your thoughts on play and have an idea of where you want to go in a partnered erotic session with me there is always an open invitation once we have an agreed date and time to send me your scenario. This is welcomed as it then gives me the opportunity to intentionally create a play scene around your erotic desires and taking int account your erotic psyche. In doing so I will be putting my full attention on you, something that is rare in the world that we live in to have the full attention of another human being. How does someone else giving you their full attention make you feel? Maybe you feel appreciated, maybe you feel a sense of being indulged, maybe you feel seen and valued or it could be that you feel alive and real.

What happens when you put attention on your desires? What happens when you really take the time to connect fully with your desires and for many people there are the desires and turns ons that are easy and the ones we are conflicted by that we need time to process and work through. You may come up against something that is stopping you stepping fully into your desires? Take a time to notice that and allow it to be it is ok you can always come back to that another time.

Through bringing awareness to our desires we can learn to respect our turns ons what ever they are and the more we allow our selves to connect and accept our desires the more we are able to give ourselves the permission to play and explore and the more powerful the play scene will become.

So the more information you are willing to share in regards to what you really want form our valuable time together, will help me to create a play scene that is specific to you. This is one of the reasons so many people I have seen over the years are simply blown away after the sessions, and find themselves in a totally different space and mindset and feel so fulfilled, rejuvenated and relaxed.

To create a play scene is in itself and art form it goes far beyond just thrusting things in holes. When I create an erotic play scene it is done with intention taking into account your erotic desires needs and wants. The emphasis is on creating erotic tension, allowing interaction, giving space to emotional interaction. In addition the key element is the ability to apply underpinning knowledge to find different ways of representation though symbolic activities. This is where the magic is, this is where the mind blowing experiences come in as you will be spending time with someone who has put their whole attention on you. I will put my full attention and underpinning knowledge on your erotic desires, you will be really listened to and valued from one human being to another.

When I place my attention with intention it allows me to deliver a tailored erotic experience that is not just the experience but works on your psyche of the underpinning meanings of your sexual arousal thus the ability to create sexual and erotic tension, pure magic.

Turning your scenario into erotic play through focused intentional play, curiosity and a willingness to allow ourselves to explore. All I ask is that you are willing to allow yourself to fully indulge yourself in such a session and discover the ever expanding erotic possibilities there are. It is after all not every day you get the opportunity to play with someone who really understands your needs, desires and wants, so why not make the most of it?

Here’s to some creative and inventive play just as soon as we all get back to our new normal and we can explore again.

I look forward to hearing from you and I more so look forward to playing with you.

Kisses Kristina J Huddersfield Escort