Pushing the boundaries…... by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Pushing the boundaries…...

For years I have had the conversation if was stuck in the jungle or on a desert island who would I want with me.

I have always being very clear my two best friends because they are both practical and great a survival methods, building things, cutting down branches, catching fish, cooking etc. As much as I am a down to earth type of girl I am not very practical I can get by but end up in a mess sometimes.

February next year I embark on what will be my biggest learning to date taking myself way out of my comfort zone all the things I tell you guys to do, push your boundaries, expand your limitations open yourself up to what else is possible, you never know what is achievable until you do..

So all the above concepts see me travelling to Panama with 5 of my closest and trusted friends to embark in the Global Tribal Gathering. Three hours from civilisation, down a track that is not passable by cars, on a secluded cove on the Caribbean coast where the jungle meets the forest will become home for 18 days and 18 nights. Sounds idyllic?? Camping, limited showers, outdoor cooking on wood on the beach maybe not for everyone and I will be pushing my limitations camping on a beach. I usually like 4 to 5 showers a day and clean clothes and towels everyday.

So why am I doing it I hear you ask… The experience, it’s all about the experience. The learning from the 60 plus indigenous tribes that are represented at the event. It’s not everyday that I am privileged enough to meet people who practice the ancient way of life and live in a non-commercial world. Expanding my experience has always being true to my heart life is the journey and the journey is an adventure.

So I will be swapping my high heels and fancy lingerie for flip flops and a sarong. I am told it is possible to be naked at the site something I will revel in – no clothes is always good with me.

No make up, no hair dryer, no lap top and no wifi for a whole 3 weeks how on earth will cope?? No I have no idea either…

Showers that are watering cans and a tent to sleep in on a thin air mattress, to be honest I am quite scared at camping in the jungle for 18 days but curious to learn what I will learn about myself.

It is the most exciting, and terrifying journey I have ever embarked on leaving modern comfort behind to discover more of what possible when I step outside of my comfort zone..

Don’t worry I am not going to come back with dreadlocks in my hair or feathers or anything like that I will return to my normal fabulous self on my return but with more knowledge of the limitless possibilities…

Kristina j – Yorkshire Escort xx