Reflection of 2016 and looking forward to 2017 by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Reflection of 2016 and looking forward to 2017

Exciting times ahead

Whoosh whoosh whoosh where has 2016 gone to and what a year it has been. As the year rapidly approaches the end it’s that time of year for reflection on what an awesome year it has been as well as looking forward to 2017.

So I have had an amazing year and the journey is continuing, I have had the privilege to have meet some truly wonderful people this year professionally, socially and on my workshops I have been attending. 2016 saw my first International tour to Singapore and a very firm leap through ‘the purple door’. I have to admit just a sneaky peek around the ‘purple door’, was the best thing I have ever done in my life!! Big statement I know but it completed the circle for me and made me realise the little bit I was missing. I got an understanding of conscious sexuality and realised how in tune I was with myself and how much clarity I spoke with when describing my desires and passions. I realised how comfortable I am with my sexuality, who I am and what I like and how good it feels to be in a position where I am privileged to be who I am instead of ordered and structured into what others or society tell me I should be. A revelation as I realise that not many people get the opportunity of total freedom to express themselves in a way that makes them whole.

I met some truly beautiful people inside and out and began my journey of which I have a burning desire to learn more so I can become better at what I do and also to learn myself on a deeper level.

I explored conscious BDSM in a very holistic connective way concentrating on how powerful power play can be how to hold space and create a space that’s safe and secure allowing others the freedom to be who they want to be. I met some truly beautiful people inside and out and began my journey of which I have a burning desire to learn more so I can become better at what I do and also to learn myself on a deeper level.

The end of 2016 will see me jump back through the ‘purple door’, and welcome in 2017 starting as I mean to go on. Yes, I am taking part in a level 3 workshop right over the New Year in what I am hoping will tick more boxes and open more doors as my magical journey continues and ecstatic BDSM truly opens up all my potential. Mixing it up with Tantra to which I am firmly committed to learn, not just tantric massage but authentic Tantra. Releasing my potential as much as possible and enjoying learning new skills.

This really is the start of something truly amazing for me and I am so excited to share my journey and what I learn with those who are willing to let me. I have a series of workshops the first the end of this month where I will spend 2 days exploring the male, then in January there is the tantric awakening workshop focusing on opening the body to receive pleasure. Followed by one in March centred on the female and the last one in April on Tantric rituals. Whether that pleasure be sensual or BDSM centred I find this enlightening and energising as it really strikes a cord of excitement within me.

Following on from the workshops I have been accepted to the International School of Tantra Therapist Training and will do my entry level intensive course in March, building the foundations for future level 2 and 3 courses. This will give me the training and certification to practice authentic Tantra. I cannot tell you how exiting that is for me mixed with my experience and interest in BDSM to mix it all up in a very unique connecting, holistic manner to create something that is so powerful and magical it leaves me gasping for breath.

On top of all this as every I have a new website scheduled for the summer to incorporate everything I am learning with some fantastic new photographs and that is always exciting for me. As ever I will be continuing to write and share my experience’s, stories and journey with anyone who wishes to read about them.

So all in all an it has been an amazing year but I have a feeling that 2017 is just going to get better.

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx