Season Greeting and a happy new year… by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Season Greeting and a happy new year…

Seasons greeting to all my wonderful visitors, blog and twitter followers

Its the season to be jolly..

I wanted to wish you all the very best for the upcoming festive season whatever it is you are doing and express a huge very over whelmed thank you for all the support and following I have received this year. To say it has been amazing is an understatement, 2019 has simply been the best year ever and I have been overwhelmed with how many people the the time to read the garble that I write on here, follow my twitter and come and visit me.

Thank you all with deepest gratitude for everyone who has come to spend a little bit of time of with me this year you have all been amazing and for allowing yourselves to delve deep into the world of erotic possibilities and thank you for those that have has the courage and allowed me take them on the journey to deeper sexual pleasure, intense play and connection I really value each and every one of you beautiful beings who have visited me this year.

I am almost speechless, I said almost, at how incredible the year has been and I am so looking forward to what the coming years have to offer. Again I am surrounded by people who make what I do a little but easier offering me the support and guidance I need to deliver the diversity and quality of what I am able to offer.

Dear friends who have been loyal and there for me in the background and who I love dearly thank you for all your amazing support even with the little things you are deeply appreciated for your continued loyalty and support, for been there when I need you and answering my calls for help. I sometimes wonder what I have done to deserve such people around me but it is these people that support me that make what I have to offer possible.

So whether you celebrate Christmas, acknowledge Christmas or don't celebrate Christmas I offer you heartfelt greetings whatever it is you are doing. I also wanted to share a thought for all those who Christmas is a difficult time for whatever reason and acknowledge that is is not all sparkles and light for everyone and send thoughts out to anyone who is struggling this Christmas.

For me it is a time of reflection of looking forward to 2020 and what that will bring as I continue my journey into Kahuna which will take me to Australia to continue my training. I recently realised how much work I have done and myself and value the fact I have been privileged to do this but also how much more work there is to be done. With this work brings higher levels of training and then the ability to up what I have to offer as I learn more tricks and skills. It amazes me how within each course I do there there is always something that I pick up and have an ah ha moment of wow that's Aho that works. To say I am sex geek is an understatement the more I am learning about sexual pleasure the more I am realising I don't know...

So 2020 is the year to immerse myself in Kahuna and Lomi Lomi massage taking me up to level 7 and leadership and facilitation training with a long term plan then to delve deep in Ayurvedic to look at the what I believe is the base line for Tantric massage and start to strip each comment of the tantric massage down to look at it individually before building it back up to something very special which will incorporate my already extensive learning, learning form kahuna and learning from Ayurvedic training which I plan to delve in to in 2021.

So while I don't celebrate Christmas but I do acknowledge it I wish you the warmest seasons greeting as we turn the corner to the new light and welcome in the New year...

Kristina J - Huddersfield Escort, Sensual Seductress, Explorer of Erotic possibilities and Tantric Temptress..