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See - some wonderful words shared by a lovely visitor

See - some wonderful words shared by a lovely visitor by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

See - some wonderful words shared by a lovely visitor

See - Looking beyond the mask

I was gifted a poem today which really resonated with me from one of my very lovely visitors.  It made me realise how fortunate I am to have such wonderful company and I am truly grateful for these beautiful words.  It is sometimes such a pleasure to be able to do the work that I do and I am not just talking about the sex work I am talking about everything else that goes with it.  The kindness and the compassion, the willingness to really listen from the heart and to feel you.  The ability to create resonance and make you feel comfortable and safe enough to be vulnerable.  To empathise with you if you share your story with me and honour the privilege of being trusted to hear it..  Most of all though to acknowledge you as a person and as an individual and to see you in what I see in me.  You see sex work is not laying on your back it is caring with deep compassion from a place of integrity and honesty, its about being open and honest in a world where honesty is fast becoming a lost quality, being honest with myself and with you.  Sex work is so much more and for those that have the courage to delve deeper it offers so many more gifts than just a quick release.  

So thank you again for taking the time to put such inspiring thoughts into beautiful words I honour you in your vulnerability, your wisdom and your ability to see so much more.


What do I see?

When I look at you

What do I hear?

When you speak

Do I see 

The colour of your stockings 

Hear the sound they make

The whisper as you move,

The redness of your lipstick 

The brightness of your eyes, 

The way you move 

As you climb the stairs, 

The sounds of your heels

Echoing like a drum

Matching the sound 

Beating  from my chest

The way your body curves, 

The dimples in your bum,

This i see 

This I hear

If that's all I see

I am a fool

For you are more than this

So much more

I see the light in your eyes

The spirit shining through

So complex so pure

Innocent and wicked

A polarity of pain 

Of pleasure

I see the wisdom of a soul,

Joyful to behold

Who holds

Cherishes affirms this is me.

I see the courage to walk 

A chosen path 

The delight to teach

I hear the truth 

In your voice

Compassion empathy 

Giving me a choice

Guidance for my spirit

Succor for my soul

I hear the wickedness the teasing, 

The joyful way of you,

I see the outpouring 

Of your gift

The sacrifice of life

The reaching out

A life lived with love 

All this I see and so much more

Still you are more than this 

So much more