Sexuality is important by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Sexuality is important

Sexuality is an integral part of being human. Love, affection, and sexual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships and individual well-being. Do not be afraid of exploring your sexuality fantasies and desires , Embrace them, love them. Make them yours. They are part of who you are.

There are many sexualities.

Some are: Heterosexuality

When you are attracted to the opposite gender.


When you are attracted to the same gender. Lesbian refers to a homosexual woman, while gay can refer to both gender binaries.


When you are attracted to 2 genders, most commonly both men and women.


When your attraction is regardless of someone’s gender. Such as transgender, non binary, etc…

These are all real sexualities. People who say that pansexual is just another word for bisexual or that if you’re asexual you’re just a late bloomer are just plain wrong. That’s like saying the sun isn’t real.


  • Guy 1: look at that smoking hot chick over there. I’d totally bang her.
  • Guy 2: so you’re attracted to women?
  • Guy 1: yeah. I’m heterosexual


  • Girl 1: I met this really cute girl last night…
  • Girl 1: I ended up going home with her.
  • Girl 2: oh? So you’re a lesbian?
  • Girl 1: yeah. A homosexual


  • Girl: I can’t choose between this guy and girl! I really like them both.
  • Guy: I thought you were only into men?
  • Girl: no, I’m bisexual

Asexuality: When you do not experience any sexual attraction

Person: I’m asexual so whenever I go to orgies I just sit in the back with my clothes on eating Oreos.

Kristina J Sex without love is merely healthy exercise xx