Sinners or Winners by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Sinners or Winners

Guys a bit of fun today tongue in cheek sort of thing I tend to think I am sexy but some people will not (don’t understand that) some people like slutty but that could be a role play thing too.  Sleazy I am definitely not I would mostly put the word sleazy for a man and I have met some in my life, having said that a woman can act sleazy too.

Someone who YOU find attractive. Someone who in  your opinion  is appealing. This person may not seem "Sexy" to others, but to you they are the definition OF sexy.  People saying that the girls in  pictures aren't sexy, are not getting what sexy means. To you they may not be sexy, but, to someone they could be the most beautiful, sexy, HOT  thing EVER.

Not quite slutty, but not Classy  either. Kind of Trashy in a good way 
That chick was so sleazy, she walked around company in just her Underwear with a  cigarette  and a bottle of Hennessy.

Adjective used to describe a  woman who acts like a whore Likes to expound  upon her sexual prowess and conquests....with either gender.  Pretends to befriend one only to gain Insider  information to then Disseminate to any and all within phone line distance.  Steals alleged friends' boyfriends referring to a female, hopefully at least 16 and  it does not matter after, who is not only brazenly promiscous, but also indiscriminately so. However, nowadays, slutty can refer to any young woman "sowing her wild oats or maybe that should be "having her wild oats sowed?"  An Attention whore. (Self-professed, no less!)

Kristina J: Super Sexy and Fun  but can be Slutty if that is your bag.