Squeeze me Please Me by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Squeeze me Please Me

Interesting to some not to others if you don’t have a cock ring and for some it can help to have a second erection. My friends often ask me about a cock ring, you will be surprised how many people do not really know what to do with them.

First of all you need a cock !! (Ha ha) The ring slides onto the penis so that it sits at the base of the penis against the body, keeping the penis erect after ejaculation. (for the woman's extended pleasure.) (or mans.)

To trap blood in the penis to achieve a harder, firmer erection and to prolong that harder, firmer erection. A constrictive interlocking device placed at the base of the penis, to prevent blood from escaping and to strengthen erection. an elastic ring which fits around the base of the penis. It constricts the veins which drain blood from the penis, thereby strengthening an erection.

An instrument used to squeeze the penis and the balls together. It produces an immense sensation is essentially akin to putting a tourniquet at the base of the penis. The rings come in various diameters and widths and thicknesses there are literally hundreds of designs and styles and the most common are made of leather, surgical grade silicon rubber or stainless steel. Oh decisions decisions .

When sized properly, the ring will highly restrict (not prevent) the flow of blood from the penis resulting in a larger (usually thicker) and longer-lasting erection. Normally, rings are used during sexual intercourse where they are not going to be worn for an extended period of time (multiple hours). Whether a guy can have multiple orgasms wearing a ring is really based on age, how horny he is and his personal staying power. The ring will help maintain the erection during "down time" but there's no guarantee. If you have a big enough "well" to draw from getting off a second "volley" is awesome.

The *big* thing ...no, not that Big Thing ...is getting the ring sized correctly. My advice is to go with either a leather or rubber ring until you know for sure what size works for whatever purpose you're wearing it. Be careful. Have fun with your cock ring.

Kristina: Cock ring or not I always hit the spot. Service with a smile I go the extra mile xx