Stockings and Suspenders by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Stockings and Suspenders

There is not a man in the world that does not get a sparkle in his eyes at the thought of what is awaiting on top of those stockings. The thought of a woman wearing suspenders makes them go insane with lust. It is amazing how a suspender and stocking can transform any woman into a lady in a matter of seconds.

There is nothing sexier than a woman in a suspenders with stockings. If you are not a believer, ask any man you know. The idea of a woman is a sheer stocking attached to a suspender as she draws up her skirt has stunned men throughout the decades. However, this was not the suspenders true intention. Originally, it was designed to hold a woman’s stockings up before the invention of the panty hose.

Once the panty hose came to exist on the market, the suspender disappeared from most of mainstream life and became a piece of intimate apparel for the seduction of the bedroom.

If you have never tried a comfortable suspender with a pair of sexy alluring stockings, you just do not know what you are truly missing. this is a great way to show off your sexy legs to the world. Those black seams running up the back of your legs will make others wonder what else you have up that dress of yours.

Nevertheless, they do have the power for sure. A suspender is a sexy accessory that every woman should be proud to own. In fact they do come in an array of colours and styles. You can get one to match any possible outfit. This can be quite fun and sexy for you and your partner to see which one is next. Today stockings too are quite inexpensive and in every fabric and colour imaginable. You can mix and match for a surprise. It is possible to feel sexy no matter what you are wearing when in a suspender and silk stockings.

Panty hose just don’t have the same sexy touch as the suspenders and stockings Every woman loves to feel sexy and look sharp.

Go knock em dead ladies (or gents)

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