The Corsets History by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Corsets History

An undergarment worn throughout ages, to redefine the shape of a woman’s body(mostly into an hourglass); usually by cinching the waist, and pushing up the breasts. Originally lined with whale bone for support, and laced up the back; now is available in many different styles, materials, and shapes. Current-day it is no longer JUST worn as an undergarment, but is commonly worn as part of an outfit usually durring the nocturnal hours, or seduction purposes.

During different eras, multiple shapes were achieved. i.e. Edwardian, Elizabethan, Victorian, Also in Overbust (to cover the breasts) or Underbust(stops below breasts). The tighter the better. There are several main types of corset which are seen in reproduction today.

The Elizabethan corset of the 17th century kept a flat-fronted, conical body shape which exaggerated and pushed up the breasts. Waist reduction was minimal.

The early Victorian corset of the mid-19th century cinched in the waist to give an exaggerated hourglass figure. The wide skirts and large sleeves of the period also made the waist look that much smaller by comparison. It was short, and encompassed only the waist.

“Cuirass” corsetry caused extreme discomfort, if not injuries, for many women, and public outcry against the ‘evils of tightlacing’ spurred a new corset design. The S-bend corset, worn around the turn of the century, was an attempt at a healthier, less restrictive corset. This corset was flat-fronted, and forced an unnatural arch into the back, pushing the breasts up and out and the rear down and back. The woman wearing it appeared to lean slightly forward, almost on the verge of tipping over.This corset, however, was worse than its predecessors: the forced arch caused back, neck, and joint problems for many of its wearers.

After World War I, the corset began to disappear. The corset would enjoy a small comeback in the 1950’s, when the ‘New Look’ style once more emphasized the hourglass figure, but it has been largely ignored until its recent reintroduction as an ‘alternative’ fashion for evening and club wear. Corsets are becoming fashionable again possibly due to larger women desiring a curvy figure, or possibly due to the influence of goth and fetish fashion on mainstream trends.

Dita von Teese’s love of feminine finery, particularly of classic seamed stockings and garters soon inspired her to acquire the ultimate lingerie piece… a Victorian corset!

I love my corsets why not come along for a showing I am not perfect but parts of me are incredible.

Kristina J xx