The Devil dressed in Leather and Lace and stockings by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Devil dressed in Leather and Lace and stockings

Leather. Lace. Stockings and high heels with that naughty devilish look in my eyes….

The request is a dominating 6ft blonde – you have told me you would like to look up to me, you have told me you would like me to tower above you. Dressed in a leather corset, sexy black lace lingerie, stockings and thigh high boots I am dressed to impress and maximised my height and my posture with my heels. Towering over you as you asked you are taken aback as you look up at me smiling down at you….

You take in all 6ft plus of me standing over you our eyes meet each other and we slowly take each other in, running your hands over my leather corset you breathe in deeply taking in the smell of soft leather against my soft skin. 'Breathe me in' , I whisper in your ear my lips just gently caressing your ear as if by accident sending shivers down your spine.

Your eyes cast over my long legs dressed in black seamed stockings and thigh high boots. I look you in the eye and smile sweetly indicating for you to come closer to me, you move towards me and I press my body against yours - you can feel my strength of my body held firmly against yours and you are already aware of the strength of my mind.

You cast your eyes quite nervously around my room taking in all my toys and equipment – not quite knowing what it is all for but none the less intrigued to find out more, maybe put your trust in me to lead you astray. Hand yourself over to me to play with, maybe just maybe I may introduce something new and exciting if you willed me. Maybe you just like leather and latex coupled with some raunchy fun..

Looking deep into your eyes I seductively I whisper in your ear - what can I do with you they say shining with excitement, desire and playfulness…. It could be anything from total mutual pleasure, indulgent caressing to discipline and control the choice is for you to make - I will meet you where you are chichis a great place to start so what are you waiting for lets get it on…..

Let’s be naughty let’s have some fun……..

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxx