The Encounter of Desire an Erotic Story by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Encounter of Desire an Erotic Story

Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx

Part one of the Erotic fiction enjoy I will be posting a part each week

Mistress Louisa

I’m sitting on the train, looking at the plastic in my hand. Feeling the cold hardness slide between my fingers, and snapping the two pieces together as I think punishment !!!

I opened my hand back up again and rubbed the tie with my fingertips and imagined what I was about to do.

It was so warm and noisy but nothing could distract me.

Under my coat I was wearing a black PVC thong which was nipping at my pussy.

He was going to get so punished for this disobedience. Lace I had instructed - send me lace.

Four weeks it had been and an “unbearable’ hard four weeks at that”. I gave up listening to his voice on the phone after the first two weeks of his abstinence, it had proved too difficult to stomach the whining. Maybe the constant calls and messages had just got too much for me to take. My stubbornness had caused this, my need for perfection, my need to deliver erotic punishment, my need for excitement, to make this adventure all it could be, a desire to find the magic special place where mystery comes to life. Abstinence was the only answer to get what I wanted out of this. He had to prove to himself that he could refrain from any sexual contact of any kind including his own sexual gratification!!!!

The electronic door opening brought me back, “Not long now” I thought, holding my phone in the other hand ready to call him.

‘It was an open spiral staircase and there were bodies underneath….fucking…..licking……kissing…..Entwined in each other. ‘

I’d passed him on the stairs at a private party in Edinburgh several weeks ago. I could see his eyes through the minotaur’s head he had on at the time. He was wearing that and nothing else. His body was just perfection with a scar here and a bruise there. I knew he liked the finer things in life.

We had a moment on that stair case. It was an open spiral staircase and there were bodies underneath….fucking…..licking……kissing…..Entwined in each other. We passed each other me with my mask on, our eyes met and we connected, he said “now this is what its all about” I smiled and nodded and walked on. He asked a few of my friends later in the evening who I was they had told him a fake name of course, that I was a very busy lady and had only attended the exclusive party as a special guest. Fortunately for me he hadn’t seen me in the dungeon earlier so had no idea what I looked like or sounded.

A few days later after the party I received a call from a gentleman in Stirling who was travelling to York on business and wanted a scenario played out. We talked at length and he told me he had attended a get together in Edinburgh one evening last week, describing the venue and explaining he discovered a wanting desire within himself that he didn’t know existed. He said to me “now this is what its about”. I drew breath it was him it was It was Minotaur man!!!!!

Part 2 to follow…

Kristina Yorkshire Escort xx