The Erogenous Zones by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

The Erogenous Zones

A particular body part that is responsive or sensitive to sexual stimulation.

A Body part which arouses sexual desire. (makes you horny) in men and women

One of the great breakthroughs in sex has been the discovery of all new erogenous zones. Once it was thought only a handful. Now they are all over the place with new ones being reported every day. Don’t try to go at too many at once if you do they will cancel on another out, with some of the traditional ones being forgotten.

There are many, below is a list you may have to pay attention to during foreplay sex and after sex.
She loves me

  1. upper lip
  2. finger tips
  3. armpits
  4. nipples
  5. g-spot
  6. clit
  7. ass
  8. thighs
  9. toes/feet

How do you know?

Cos i took care of all her erogenous zones

If you wish to know my very erogenous zones, my sexual weakness that turns me right on pay me a visit I will tell all and you can reveal your erogenous zones.

Step out of your comfort zone they make you lazy.

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