Threading, and an introduction by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

Threading, and an introduction

Hello Sexy

I have been promising myself I would blog al day but got caught up lazing in the sun shine.There I was lying on the beach drink in one had sun cream in the other minding my own business when one of the Beauty Salon guys came touting for business.After a bit of friendly banter I decided to give threading a go.I have not really heard of it bit it is good for your face apparently and also tidies up the eyebrows.The things we girls have to do.So off I trot to the beauty salon to have some threading done.Apparently it is big in Egypt!!!I was made welcome with a drink and led to a barber’s chair.Sat there all relaxed the guy doing it said relax so I did thinking this was going to be a nice relaxing half an hour.That’s what the guy on the beach told me, who’s called Henry by the way.Then it started.JESUS!!!!! Is this some sort of BDSM torture I felt like face was been attacked by razor blades.Not a good feeling and not the relaxing experience Henry promised me.I must of pulled the most awful faces, going to the dentist was beginning to appear a better option!!!After half an hour of this torture that I paid for I was shown my face in a mirror.I expected to have razor slashes all over it but no I have perfect eyebrows and silky smooth face.I was off to find Henry to give him a piece of my mind relaxing most defiantly not I needed a stiff drink when I had finished.Well a stiff something lol xxx

So on with my blog – I have decided I am going to introduce you to some of my friends.I lost a very dear friend in the summer and it was an absolute tragedy, coupled with other things going on it was a tough time.As you read my blogs you will learn that I live for my friends and I am one of the luckiest girls in the world to have such a caring supportive network around me.

So we will start with Mr Grey that’s what I call him.He’s not really grey by he is god dam sexy.He has stuck by me through thick and thin and been there for me on bad days climbing into bed and just sleeping next to me to make sure I am alright.That’s what you call a good friend.There has been many nights when we have been round Miss C’s house and he has listened to me but never judged.Again another true mark of a good friend.Any way I decided to repay him with a wild night of sex.Again something I treat my closest friends to.So I arranged for me and him to visit Miss Submissive.I call her that because she is.He had wicked smiles all over his face thinking of the FFM session for the evening.On the way over we got a call from another long term friend Miss Dominant she had heard I was with Mr Grey and wanted to come out and play as she had not seen him for nearly 2 years.So I gave her Miss Submissive address and she packed up the decorating put on her finest and made her way over to us.You can now imagine the delight of Mr Grey 3 lovely ladies to play with.So there he was laying on the floor with 3 ladies to attend to, whats a guy to do!!!.With us all giving him attention and the clock had struck midnight Mr Grey had to be in work at 7am the next morning we asked him what he was going to tell work when he was late.I suggested taking a picture and mailing it to his boss with the caption would you turn up for work or stay here!!!All I can say is another crazy night with some of my best friends and long may they continue……

So welcome to my world of crazy people, crazy parties and much fun.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my antics

Kisses Kristina Yorkshire Escort xxxx