To be or not to be by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

To be or not to be

Hi Guys words that over the years mean one thing but are called different names but what’s  in a name, my mother used to say sticks and stones will hurt your bones but names will never hurt me!!

Prostitution, whores, these are the terms which have been considered as a taboo if spoken in open. People consider that we women have no dignity and are doing a shameless job, probably that is why some countries have also made this profession illegal!!! These days we at like to be called escorts but if this profession is really that bad then why are so many females going into it?

Men have labelled females who get money in return for sex as shameful. They would probably never take these girls home to introduce to their parents and yet in the night they would be more than willing to spend thousands of hard cash to spend just one night with us.. We all know what some men and some in society think of escorts, but what is most intriguing the most is, what do we the escort think of these men who pay us for sex.  Escorting is just like any other job, you do the work and you get paid for it. I am sure there are plenty of escorts who enjoy what they do (I certainly do).

Escorting is not just about sex, Men do not hire escorts just for sex, rather they seek other forms of female companionship as well. They are looking for reassurance and comfort in the form of even a simple hug to make them feel liked and wanted by the opposite sex ( we can feel like that too). Sometimes all they need is a little spice in their sex lives and I give them that.

But what I love the most about my work is that it is one profession where females mature and young can empower men. The idea of men coming to me to help meet their desires and make their lives better turns me on and makes my day. Eventually any work you do should spread love and bring happiness to your life, and if you love what you do, then it does not matter what others think.

Kristina:  Being a escort works for me making another person happy makes me happy too