We all love a quickie by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

We all love a quickie

Hi guys lets face it you or I are not always in the mood for endless loving (going on to long) Sometimes we are so damn hot we just want to fast forward and get on to the explosion!!

The fact is there is nothing as exhilarating as fast frenzied sex. Sex when you are in a hurry places to go, people to see appointments to keep. Sex that is unplanned impetuous and impulsive. You just have to have it right there right now.

Stripped of the trimmings an orgasm is really just a physical release of built up tension in the body, Quickies are a great way to de-stress

Having a quickie is an instant mood lifter. Going fast and furious gets your blood flowing and boosts your endorphins for an oh yeah booty boost.

Your acting according to your biological nature. Humans were designed for fast sex say evolutionary psychologists . The animal kingdom was not used to wasting time. The more time you spend copulating the more vulnerable you were to being consumed by some wholly thing (Mammoth) and I don’t mean lovers.

Kristina Gotta love a fast and dirty quickie every once in a while xx