What a journey by Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort by Kristina-J Huddersfield Escort

What a journey by Kristina J - Yorkshire Escort

Wow what a few weeks it has been delving deep into learning a new sensual skill which I am so excited to bring home. I know many of you lovely people will want to know all about my trip so here it is…

I have been privileged to have been able to attend the Kahuna Lomi Lomi training up to practitioner level in Australia at a world class training facility it took me two years to get here and I feel so lucky to have commenced my learning in this beautiful art form and wow is it an art form and so wonderful to give and receive. I studied levels 1 to 3 and will continue my development up to level 7 and facilitator to include Lomi Lomi heart works and heart works facilitator also. It is by far the best training I have ever done and it is by far the hardest I have ever been pushed taking me tight out of my comfort zone and facing my ‘oh my god I cannot do this’. Days started at 4am and ended about 10pm with literally no breaks eat, pee and come straight back. Intense is not the word, as part of this course and totally unexpected we did allot of work on ourselves delving into our shame, fears and guilt. I learnt so much about myself and my resistances and how to overcome my resistances and what happens when I do.

I watched the first demo of the massage and my thought was oh my I can never do that I am not that talented and I am not good enough, I need to pack my bags and go home now. Can you imagine if I had done that and fallen at the first hurdle how much I would have missed out on. I am sharing this for all the people who have made appointments with me and all them that will make appointments with me in the future and cancelled or cancel. Imagine you will never know what you have missed out on if you are driven by fear, shame and guilt. We limit ourselves so much and shut down our experiences based on our minds thoughts that we cannot do something, that we are too scared to do something or we have too much guilt in doing something. This is massive learning for me and I hope you take something from it also.

I have a saying that some people just walk around the pool and look on at all the people in the pool enjoying themselves, they wish they could join them too but their thoughts hold them back. So they spend their whole lives wishing they too had the courage to get in and explore the delights of what is on offer. They continue to walk around the pool consumed by fears, shame and guilt and nothing changes. For me I used to be like that but now I see a pool and I jump in to experience the delights of what is on offer as I don’t want to miss anything or restrict myself and my experiences, I give myself permission to get out of my comfort zone.

We delved so deep, so fast that sometimes I felt stuck under water but what I learnt is that I always come to the top. I really learnt permission and about giving myself permission to do something such as enjoy myself, have fun, connect with people, feel what’s going on for me and getting in touch with all the different parts of myself. I also gave myself permission to get out of my comfort zone and feel pushed to my edges yet still show up and see what I learnt from it instead of running away and going into denial or even worse projecting onto others my fears.

I realised how balanced and calm I am and how I am able to be open and connect with other so easily. I realised that in order to do the work I do I need to be grounded and connected in myself, which I am and this really supports me in this work.

I also realised how much I have to give and offer to others but only if they want to receive it. Above all I learnt to let go of my fears of I cannot do that and turn it into something amazing and I would have been a fool to have not valued myself enough to give myself permission to have a go anyway despite my own thoughts of my limitations which were generally only true in my mind and not in reality.

I hope that some of what I write may resonate with you and just to share I have shown a very vulnerable side of myself in this writing and hope that is doing so I give you permission to do the same.

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